Optimizing water management and advocating the responsible use of scarce resources…

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

“We reduce, reuse and recycle our resources, optimizing both water and energy usage in our factories.”

– John Martin Miller, Chairman & CEO, Nestlé Philippines, Inc.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Showcasing the Company’s reverence for water are the world-class wastewater treatment plants operating in all its factories. Manned by highly competent personnel, these treatment plants capture every drop of wastewater discharged from the factories, cleanse the water of impurities, and release it to natural waterways clean enough to sustain marine life. Treated water from Nestlé factories is constantly tested and is known to meet, and often exceed, strict government standards. The Company has likewise explored several areas where water can be further optimized, leading to the re-use of sealing water from vacuum pumps, cooling water from MILO processing, rinsing water, and recovered water from reverse osmosis plants.
These initiatives, coupled with simple techniques as the use of sensor-operated faucets that ensure automatic stoppage of water flow, have cut down water consumption throughout Nestlé by about 16% since 1997, or an average of 65,500 cubic meters of water every year.

Treating and Reusing Water

The wastewater treatment facilities of Nestlé factories showcase how water can be treated and reused, and demonstrates the importance the Company gives to water. In these factories, treated waste water is used to sustain life forms, from watering the gardens in the premises, to propagating Koi fish and tilapia, serving as a constant reminder to employees and guests about the life-giving value of water.


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