Nestlé Philippines’ Mission and Vision

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Nestles’ Vision:
“At Nestlé, we believe
that research can help us make better
food so that people live a better life.
Good Food is the primary source of
Good Health throughout life. We strive
to bring consumers foods that are safe, of high quality and provide optimal
nutrition to meet physiological needs.
In addition to Nutrition, Health and
Wellness, Nestlé products bring
consumers the vital ingredients of taste
and pleasure. As consumers continue to make choices regarding foods and
beverages they consume, Nestlé helps
provide selections for all individual
taste and lifestyle
preferences. Research is a key part of
our heritage at Nestlé and an essential element of our future. We know there
is still much to discover about health,
wellness and the role of food in our
lives, and we continue to search for
answers to bring consumers Good Food
for Good Life”(vision, n.d.)

The Mission of Nestle:
“Nestlé strives to
be a leader in nutrition, health and
wellness, with the belief that good
food is central to health and wellness.

At the Nestlé Research Center, nutrition
research meets food innovation to bring consumers of all ages and stages
of life, foods and beverages that
contribute to health and wellness,
while offering remarkable taste and

  1. Emil says:

    where did you get this mission – vision?

  2. jayr says:

    where is the vission. ?.
    if they have a mission yet it may have a vission. .

  3. wolverin07 says:

    nakuha ko lanhg po yan sa net:)) hehehe

  4. Arjay Almanzor says:

    ano ba yan..comment na lang palpak pa..
    pati ung gumawa palpak.

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